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Eduardo Schuch

Eduardo Schuch — Chairman of the Board

Chairman of the Board

Eduardo Schuch is the Chairman of the Board and founding partner of Black Opal.  He has been instrumental in developing and creating the enormous opportunity for the company to become the dominant market force in Brazilian farming and agriculture. He also serves as the Senior Partner of Schuch Law.

With his firm he has worked on several important projects with a lot of important and influential law firms and attorneys in Brazil. Mr. Schuch was the lead lawyer for several big projects that included mergers and acquisitions, designing and implementing corporate structures, as well as other agriculture and environmental deals. Mr. Schuch also works in pro bono charity in Brazil, helping poor people to access the Legal System.

Mr. Schuch is also a third generation expert in the thoroughbred industry, including breeding, linage, pedigrees and farms. He serves as a general legal counsel for one of the largest horse racing associations in Brazil.

Mr. Schuch graduated from the Law School of Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul in 2002 and then earned his Master of Law degree at Universidad de Sao Paulo in 2008. Furthermore, he earned his LL.M (Latin Legum Magister, which means Master of Laws) in Environmental and Agriculture Business at Fundação Getúlio Vargas in 2012. Eduardo has been a member of the Brazilian Bar Association since 2002.